Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For one

Coffee for one today. It's a day to remember and a day to forget all the same. The face staring back is vacant, nonexistent. It has no material form but it's value is priceless.

The chatter in the background. Knives, forks clanking against porcelain plates. Clink clank, click clink, clank always scrapping, scouring for the last bits of food and tearing through flesh. I can hear a child voice speaking to her mother but she is ignoring her to talk to her husband about Michael Jackson and the weather, whatever the new topic is on the TV.

A glare is cast off my skin from the light above the table I'm sitting at. I look up into the light and wish I hadn't. It's blinding candescent shimmer leaves spots in from of me. The waitress comes over and "warms up" my cup of coffee. I liked it the way it was.

The mother just told her child to stop playing with her food. She never listens.

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